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New Facility
–We have moved! We are very excited to announce that JES has finished moving into its new facility located at 1505 Wallace Drive STE 102 Carrollton, TX 75006. This facility is conveniently located in-between Dallas Love Field and DFW airport. The New JES facility encompasses 95,200 square feet of office, repair station and storage area. This gives JES a total footprint of 128,200 square feet! This new facility enables the continued growth of Jet Engine Solutions as well as to better support our customers.

This is another huge milestone in the JES history book and we sincerely express our gratitude to all those who helped make this happen. We extend a very special thank you to all the JES employees and customers who helped us achieve this remarkable accomplishment!We could not have done it without you! Yet another  exciting new era to grow and build with our customers!

The Facts About Aircraft Engine Leasing Returns
Aircraft engine leasing is a highly effective, economical alternative for most operators. Even large operators who own the majority of their engines have the need for leased engines in times of high UER’s (unscheduled engine removals), LLP shop visits, etc. The flexibility to plan removals, plan for UER’s, warranty issues, etc. relies upon the use of leased assets. In reality, the cost of ownership versus the cost to lease can make a huge financial impact on the operators.

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Aircraft Leasing Industry
Running a business that relies on the use of aircrafts for delivery of goods or for training purposes involves many expenses. Such expenses include the cost of aircraft, licensing fees, operation expenses and of course airport service charges. Due to the heavy costs involved, most businesses opt to lease aircrafts rather than buy their own, freeing themselves from some of the costs. Aircraft leasing has several advantages that small businesses in particular find very beneficial. By leasing, you commit your financial resources that you would otherwise have used in purchasing an aircraft to your business, thereby enabling the business to grow. Australia has a thriving aircraft leasing industry that serves all categories of clients including airlines, government agencies, non-governmental organisations and small businesses.

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by NASA on The Commons
Aerospace Engineering Services ? Growth of Aerospace Engineering
The sky is no more the limit. The horizon is expanding and so is the aerospace engineering services industry. Decades back, it was only the aircrafts that were in use. Today there have been developments in fighter planes, helicopters, jet planes and many others. The industry has undergone several layers of development and today is one of the crucial and promising engineering sectors.

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